What is this?

This is a port of Play!, a PlayStation2 emulator, running in a web browser. This is only an experiment and is not meant to play all games that are currently supported by the emulator on desktop and mobile.

Supported file types: ISO, CSO, CHD, ISZ, BIN, ELF.

No BIOS file required.

Recent version of Chrome or Firefox required for a smoother experience.


Official Website
Source Code
Compatibility List


PS2 Controller Keyboard
D. Pad Arrow Keys
Left Analog Stick F, H, T, G
Right Analog Stick J, L, I, K
Square A
Cross Z
Triangle S
Circle X
PS2 Controller Keyboard
Start Return
Select Backspace
L1 1
L2 2
L3 3
R1 8
R2 9
R3 0